Connection to the network

Procedure for connecting to the network

Must be a complex procedure to connect your photovoltaic plant to the public distribution of electricity network.

Two contracts are set up to sell your photovoltaic electricity at a subsidised rate :

  • A contract of technical connection to the national electricity distribution network
  • A contract for the purchase of electricity through your usual distributor (EdF or a specialized competitor, as Enercoop)

Connection options

When connecting your photovoltaic power plant to the network, two different connection options are available and you can choose one that suits you :

  • option sale of the totality of the production : in this case, the entirety of your production will be injected on the network and sold at the rate fixed by law. A production-specific connection point will then be created by the network manager (EDF or). Your drinks will also fully transit through your existing as consumption usually counter. This connection option is generally a bit more expensive than the option sale of surplus.
  • option sale of surplus : in this case, your electricity is primarily consumed on the spot by devices running (own consumption). Only the surplus of your production to your instant consumption will be injected into the network and sold. This option requires a relatively simple network operation as only a production counter is added.