Our company SFER

Group SFER
Supplier of renewable energy
N ° 1 of the photovoltaic power plants in the Indian Ocean area.
N ° 1 of the photovoltaic power plants on the roof at the meeting
More than 1600 plants installed (more than 20MgW)
More than €200M CA
Engineering at the cutting edge of technology
CE standards

2 Photovoltaic showrooms open only in the Indian Ocean and Africa,
All types of fixtures : in superimposition, integrated with frame, farm, flat roof,…
Meeting, 3 Rue berries Roses - Cambaie in St Paul (google map link)
Mauritius, Road Gentilly to mocha.(google map link)

Our choice
Materials evolve very quickly, and are more efficient. We test and guarantee each product selected by the bureau d ' études.

Our guarantees
Our installation are guaranteed 5 year maintenance included.
The life of a photovoltaic panel is virtually unlimited. We are seeing a loss of production of about 3% the first year and 0.2%
the following years, either a guarantee of production of 90% to 20 years and 80% to 30 years. Civil liability and warranty ten-year.

Our references
More than 1600 achievements, make SFER N ° 1 photovoltaic in Indian Ocean.

Our qualifications
All of our installers are certified QUALIPV, French certification to EC standards.

Our presence in the world
Commonly known as the vanilla Islands, SFER operates in all its territories.
Meeting, Maurice, Rodrigues, Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros, Seychelles