Simple and easy energy autonomy.

For several years, the trend is the development of small kits solar falls for isolated sites or feed spaces to primary needs. It is the advent of MICRO-energy. Following the same inspiration of the years 80, When the computer has developed access to knowledge for all by microcomputers, the micropower is the individual solar future. Simple, easy to install, cheap, reliable, its Sun Microsystems are ideal for any type of individual housing. Not connected to the public network, they are completely autonomous.

Platinum FREESOLAR is the system micro-energetique solar leader in this field.

Highly acclaimed in MADAGASCAR, FREESOLAR Platinum is one of the responses to the fight against energy poverty of sub-Saharan Africa www.freesolar.pro

4 Solar kits are available : 600 Watts, 1000 Watts, 2000 Watts and 3000 Watts. Count between 4,9 € ht and 3,3 € ht installed Watt.

Example : Solar kit FREESOLAR 3 000 Watts (3 KW) 9 900 € EXCL. VAT.