Energy savings

Renewable energy, why now ?economies

Thermal regulation 2005

This regulation encourages energy savings and renewable energy. Thus, all of the houses built after September 2006 must justify excellent energy performance.

Temporary fiscal aid

Today, We can benefit from advantageous fiscal aid that may not continue in the light of the evolution of the laws pro renewable energies in the European union.

The diagnosis of energy performance

For the sale of immovable property or in case of rental, a diagnosis of energy performance must be attached to the deed of sale or lease. By choosing to equip yourself solar or wood heating, your energy performance will be much better, and accommodations and will grow in value.

A behind our European neighbors

A behind our European neighbors : When Germany installs 1 million m2 of solar panels 2005, we install over the same period 100 000 m2. The Spanish Council of Ministers to adopt the new “Technical Building Code”. It includes significant aspects concerning the energy efficiency of buildings. All new buildings must be equipped with a solar water heater to cover between 30 and 70 % hot water needs.

A price per kWh of electricity is likely to increase

Le prix du KWH français est en dessous de la moyenne européenne. Cette situation risque de changer devant l’émergence d’un marché européen de l’énergie.

Un contexte géopolitique incertain

Le cours très haut du pétrole, la crise du Golf en 1990, le marché des énergies fossiles est sans cesse tendu. Il le sera d’autant plus que la demande énergétique va en augmentant et que les réserves s’épuisent. Il nous reste 40 ans de réserve de pétrole et 60 ans de réserve d’uranium.