Economic lure or energy reality ?

We are fortunate to have in France the public electricity grid more efficient worldwide 'EDF '., and we have the good fortune to have the cheapest energy in the world : 0,14 € per KWH (Kilo Watt hour). Are we in the shelter for energy autonomy ? Is this sensible financially ? East - this suitable for use domestic ?

An autonomous power Station is the most advanced photovoltaic installation, the most expensive to installed watt, and the less reliable in the long term. The panels are connected to an energy Manager, the brain of your installation. Packed full of electronics and very delicate computer settings, SAE asks a technicality of high-level.

The autonomous power Station is also connected to the network public.Comme a switcher, the power manager will choose the best performance for your electrical installation between multiple energy sources, between solar panels, batteries or the EDF network. It can handle up to 5 sources of different energies depending on your needs.

Storage being the major problem of autonomy, the choice of batteries is crucial. "Lithium-ion" batteries are more efficient but more expensive and less reliable. Their life expectancy is limited to 3 years, whatever the use. Choose rather gel solar batteries, less sophisticated, two times cheaper, more reliable and more resistant (7 to 10 years). Attention to the amp hours (AH) proposed, This is the trap of storage ! A tip ?
Divide by 150 AH stamped on the battery and you have your number of days of autonomy, provided that your batteries are not discharged at more of 50% per day. Example : for a battery of 150 AH, count 1 day of autonomy. A Council : prefer batteries 2 Most powerful volts, from 300 Ah to 900 Ah, batteries 12 Limited to v 260 Ah.

Obvious and crucial in countries with very poor electricity network and in Africa, in France, the autonomous power Station is an economic illusion. Very expensive, very sophisticated, unreliable, cost-effective in 20 minimum years, SAE is not suitable for household use. It can be considered to power offices. Before commit you, require a professional energetic balance and check that the proposed facility is in line with your needs. Attention sellers from unscrupulous energy dreams, galvanized by the help of the Region of 6000 € (just 100 premiums in 3 years !). Count the Watt installed between €4 ht and €2 ht (without the help of the Region).

Example : Autonomous power station of 10 000 Watts (10KW) 25500 € EXCL. VAT.