The ideal photovoltaic installation for businesses.

A solar power Station (ITS) is the photovoltaic installation the simplest and fastest to achieve, the most accessible prices, the most reliable in the long term.
The panels are directly connected to the inverter to transform the said "DC". (DC in French) current called "alternative". (AC in French). This alternating current is injected into your electrical installation. No sophisticated network management device, no battery, very low maintenance, It is the most reliable in the long term. A solar energy Station product electricity to 100% by beau time between 10 and 15 hours when the Sun is at its zenith, to 50% by cloudy weather. Outside this time range, the yield is very low to no one. The public electricity network takes over.

"I eat what I produce. ! I strongly decrease my electric bill. »

Highly acclaimed by business leaders,the its to reduce up to 50% his electricity bill !

A significant saving for the accounts of the companies. Accounting depreciation 10 years,is the return on investment of approximately 7 years. A photovoltaic panel loses on average 5% his performance on the first two years, then 0,2% per year.

Life of a its very long East, more than 45 years. Solar energy UneStation is garantiea 90% its performance in 25 years.

The its is the ideal facility for small businesses, offices, and supermarkets. Count between 1,5 € Excl. VAT and € 2 Watt installed.
Example : Solar power station 10 000 Watts (10KW) 17500 € EXCL. VAT.